Nintendo DSi coming to America April 4th… maybe

IGN is reporting that the Nintendo DSi will see a stateside release in April this year. The news comes from “multiple sources close to Nintendo,” with IGN claiming, “The company has allegedly relayed to its partners that DSi will ship stateside in early April, most likely on April 4.”

But they didn’t stop there. The sources also whispered in IGN’s ear that a $179.99 price tag will be slapped on the American DSi, which retails in Japan for ¥18,900 (about $210). Despite being merely a rumour at the moment, an April release would just about fall in line with Nintendo Grand Poobah Satoru Iwata’s announcement that US gamers could get their hands on the system before summer ’09. Unfortunately, there are currently no details – whispered or otherwise – on a potential European release. We will, of course, bring official word on all of this rumourmongery when it comes.