Wii is for the ladies, not the mens

Did you know that an adorable otter pup was born at the Oklahoma Aquarium this past September? It’s really cute. I just saw an ad for it over at the Tulsa World website while I was reading about how the Wii is truly a female geared platform. It can’t even open its eyes to see the wonderful world we live in where, according to Ubisoft reps, the Wii is a female driven platform.

Just to the right of the adorable little critter’s advertisement is a quote from Ann Hamilton, senior brand manager with Ubisoft, which says, “What’s driving the Wii sales is the use of Wii by women, girls and families. It’s a really female-driven platform.” Now if I was a baby otter and I heard that quote I’d perk my head up and wonder what it all meant. Then hopefully some kind stranger would come along and tell me that it meant Ubisoft would pump out a lot of crappy Imagine and Petz games instead of trying to hook this girl gaming audience on anything worthwhile. After which baby otter me would go back to being adorable since I couldn’t speak anyway.