Blind date ends badly in latest Resident Evil 5 viral video

Capcom continues where they left off in The Ceremony with their latest viral video, Date, the second in a series of slickly-produced live-action ads for Resident Evil 5.

Still reeling from his dreadful award ceremony speech, which consisted primarily of sweating, stuttering and enduring some truly scary alligator flashbacks, our hero Chris Redfield now suffers the indignity of getting cock blocked by a serious case of post traumatic stress disorder.

As bad as I feel for our boy, I am loving this marketing campaign – the screens, trailers and gameplay footage for this title are ubiquitous, so it’s refreshing to see these viral videos focus instead on fleshing out the character and mentality of the game’s protagonist, incorporating gameplay footage as a means of stressing the psychological and emotional toll of having just blasted your way through a nightmarish obstacle course of not-zombies.