Doom 4 writer confirmed

The interenet moves fast so it’s understandable that the fact that Doom 4 is eventually coming at some point has probably dropped out of most people’s minds. Doom developer id Software hasn’t really done much to start pumping the game up, and that’s probably because we won’t see it for another couple of years. However, as is wont with the gaming industry, news trickles out no matter what a developer wants. Such is the case with the information that British Fantasy award winning author Graham Joyce is writing the new Doom.

In an interview with CVG, the author revealed that he was working on the story. “I can say that id have hired me to help develop the storyline potential,” he said and then was attacked by a giant stack of NDAs that gave him some pretty nasty paper cuts.

Joyce has published 14 novels and 26 short stories in his career, so he is definitely a prolific writer. He’s also picked up some British Fantasy awards while doing all this. Doom seems to be his first game however, and we all know how emotionally complex this series is story wise. Let’s hope he can handle the true inner feelings of the Doomguy.