Dragon Age gets prequel novel in March

Above is a part from the back cover of the upcoming novel Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne, which will be released prior to the massive hit game Dragon Age: Origins from BioWare. As can be seen the developer’s confidence is enough to slay a dragon alone, since no mortal man knows if the game will be a hit or not. One might wonder why they didn’t go all the way and write “award-winning game” just for the fun of it.

The novel is written by David Gaider, senior writer at BioWare, and will be about a royal warrior named Maric, who goes on a mission of revenge in Ferelden after his mother the Queen gets brutally murdered by invading Orlesians. Maric forms a rebel army together with the outlaw Loghain and warrior maiden Rowan, and will, in true epic, manor have to outsmart and fight their way through their enemies to regain control over the land.

Information on Dragon Age: Origins is still quite shallow at the moment, but since BioWare has a pretty good reputation concerning their writing skills, hopes are high that both the novel and the game will dwarf-smack us in the face with enjoyment. Our beloved editor Luke actually got an eyes-on with Dragon Age at last year’s Gen Con Indy Convention, so make sure you check that out.

The novel is coming on March 3 and can be bought for $14.95.