The Godfather II trailer is business, not personal

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster. Ok, so it’s the wrong film but you get the point; the opportunity to don a shiny suit and intimidate local business owners — no not intimidate, bust their freakin’ heads open — is a seductive one. Lucky for me then, there’s a new The Godfather II trailer on the block teaching the dark art of extortion, and guess what the key element is? Yup, that’s right, beating up local businessmen. Sweet.

Slightly dodgy character animation and dull environments aside, The Godfather II looks interesting. The strategy element adds something new to the mix, the presentation looks top notch and you could slap a snippet of the Godfather theme on Ponyz and I’d probably buy it, so I’m in. But then again I haven’t actually played it, so for a far more balanced and insightful look at the game why not check out Beardy Matt’s preview. Just don’t tell him I called him that.