MadWorld receives “18” rating from BBFC

Looks like our friends across the pond will be enjoying the uncensored, unedited version of SEGA’s ultra-violent MadWorld.

The British Board of Film Classification has given the greenlight with an “18” rating, citing “very strong, stylized, bloody violence.” Sega has reportedly been working closely with the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB), Pan-European Gaming Information system (PEGI) and the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), contributing various builds of the game for feedback on what needed to be changed to prevent being deemed “unclassified” in Britain or “Adults Only” in the United States. But when it came to the BBFC, which outright banned Rockstar’s controversial Manhunt 2 in 2007, no edits were required.

“Yes, [MadWorld‘s] violent. We don’t try to hide that, but as publishers, we see it as a fantasy game — it’s fantasy violence. It’s over the top. It’s cartoony,” said SEGA’s David Corless in an interview with Nintendic. “We also take the violence very seriously. We are working with the age rating boards…to make sure that we don’t go over the top. The game has been banned in Germany; there’s no getting around that unfortunately. But we are taking it seriously and we’re going to make sure that this game is rated for the appropriate audience.”

The ESRB has not yet issued a rating for MadWorld, which is scheduled to release in the United States on March 10.