No Final Fantasy XIII outside Japan until 2010

We don’t know why Hideo Kojima would want to quit being Japanese after this news came to our attention. Not only will no one outside of Japan be able to buy the Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete Blu-ray that comes with a demo to Final Fantasy XIII, no one outside Japan will be able to buy Final Fantasy XIII at all until 2010.

According to Guardian, Square Enix president Yoichi Wada told Reuters that an overseas launch of Final Fantasy XIII would be in April, 2010 or later. The Japanese launch is still on track for sometime in 2009. This means one game has to be scratched off the list of must buy PS3 titles for 2009.

On the plus side we are getting some new info about the game in the form of a character that’s sure to win afro of the year. What more could we ask for?