Wii remote kills dog, neighbor revives it

So I want you to imagine this. You’re a dog, minding your own business and watching your human master make a complete a** of themselves with some strange white remote. You decide to stick around, finding their strange motions amusing, and silently working out a way to kill them and feast on the remains of the pizza they ordered. Then all of a sudden, that remote flies from their grip and heads straight toward you. Not able to move, the remote knocks you dead.

That is exactly what happened to a family dog, Ozzy, who was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. The owner, Kathy White, lost control of the remote in a game of bowling, and immediately called her neighbor. That neighbor gave Ozzy mouth-to-mouth and revived the pet. So I guess we can add death to the list of injuries and property damage related to the dread Wii remote slip. Good news though, the dog is alive and no longer hovers next to the television. Stay safe Ozzy, stay safe.