Codemasters fuels us up

Codemaster’s forthcoming racing game Fuel is different in many ways. The in-house game engine will be drawing up a massive 5,000 square mile (14,000 km²) desolate post-apocalyptic world and instead of coppers or gangsters on your tail, you’ll need to stay away from ruthless, cold-blooded twisters, sandstorms and blizzards. All this while racing against others and doing jumps that would make Excite Bike blush.

Codemasters and developer Asobo Studios have now released the game’s first trailer. It’s entirely in CGI but there are some characteristics about it that hopefully will be implemented in the actual game. Well-designed lighting effects are one of them – they’re crucial if players are to stay focused and not turn the game off out of boredom. To be honest the surroundings seem, although immense, quite repetitive. Another thing that’s difficult to predict is how the hazardous weather effects will work in the game – will it require skill or luck to say out of harm’s reach?

With Fuel coming to consoles and PC in Q2 2009, there’s plenty of time for us to sit back and wait for an actual gameplay trailer to skid around the corner. If it doesn’t run out of gasoline, that is. For now, the seven new in-game screenshots should do.