EA dates Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box

Criterion has been releasing downloadable content like clockwork for Burnout Paradise, so it should come as no surprise the upcoming “Ultimate Box” edition of the open world driving-utopia will include all the previously-released content, including the new Party Pack.

The premium content, which will be available to download separately on PSN and XBL on February 5, the same day as the retail release, will add an all new “pass-the-pad” party mode, bringing all the competitive online stunt, speed and skills tests offline for you and up to seven fellow Burnout-freaks to enjoy sans connection to the interwebs. And as if getting to see the glint of actual tears in your opponent’s eyes wasn’t enough, the Party Pack will also include a racing restart option, enhanced control of earlier vehicles, and added trophy support for the PS3 version along with a live news page posting Burnout-related updates and friend tracking. That’s all well and good, but frankly I like it ’cause it’s sparkly. Seriously, like a unicorn trippin’ on an ecstasy packed piñata sparkly.

Though all the previously-released gratis content, like the Cagney Pack and Bike Pack, will now be included on a disc, don’t expect to press pedal to metal in a pseudo Ecto-1 (Manhattan Spirit), General Lee (Calvary Bootlegger), KITT (Carson Nighthawk) or DeLorean (Jansen 88 Special) unless you’re willing to pony up more cash, as premium DLC like the Legendary Cars Pack will still cost precious points. But for late-adopters like myself, or PC players who will get to experience Burnout Paradise‘s high-velocity verisimilitude courtesy of enhanced graphics, motion blurring and soft shadowing, for the first time ever, this title is a necessary and welcome addition to your gaming library.

Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box will be released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on February 5.