Dakota Fanning featured in Coraline game

We haven’t covered Coraline that much here at TVGB except to get screens up for it and an announcement post, but that’s mostly because it’s a Wii, DS and PS2 game based on a children’s movie and that just screams a game that most TVGB readers wouldn’t be that interested in. However, when famous peoples’ names pop up so do our ears because we are celebrity whores. So we feel the need to inform you that Dakota Fanning, Keith David, and Robert Bailey Jr. will all be reprising their roles for the game.

I know we’re all really excited right? Well at least for the film. It’s directed by the guy who did Nightmare Before Christmas and based on a Neil Gaiman’s story of the same name. As for the game, we have no clue. Hopefully the art style and the fictional prowess of Neil Gaiman will make for a decently fun game to play… or maybe not.