Dragonball Evolution for PSP induces tears

Every product deserves a fair shake before it’s pounded into ground, but we just don’t know about this one. If anyone has seen the trailers from Dragonball Evolution and is even a slight fan of the series, chances are they’ve already vomited with rage. Why Piccolo isn’t green and doesn’t seem to have antennas still baffles the snot out of us. And why does does Bulma have guns? Anyway, let’s get this back into the realm of videogames.

Gamefly has a listing for Dragonball Z: Evolution for the PSP with a April 9, 2009 release date. It could be a coincidence that the movie comes out one day prior to the game and that they both carry the Evolution subtitle. Our nerd cred says that the movie doesn’t take place in the Dragonball Z universe if it’s following the canon at all (which it doesn’t seem to be doing). Let’s keep the power levels to a minimum until more news comes out about this.