Eidos to be bought out?

In a world where truck loads of money are dumped on the lawns of troubled companies, it looks as though there may be a mysterious suitor for the floundering game publisher Eidos, as they are in very early talks with an unknown buyer. Although the company makes it clear that nothing is absolute in a recently issued statement:”Eidos emphasises that discussions are at a very early stage and that there can be no assurance that an offer will be forthcoming.”

Eidos’ troubles began with slumping sales and even after slashing jobs and canceling several games early last year, they still found themselves in a multi million dollar deficit. Even the sales of their latest game, Tomb Raider: Underworld, fell short of projections, only furthering the company’s troubles.

While the potential new owner wasn’t revealed, we’re positive that the speculation will explode naming everyone from Activision to EA. One thing we do know for sure is that whoever the buyer is, they’ll need to have deep pockets and there aren’t too many companies out there right now with that type of power. We shall take the wait and see approach to find out who Eidos’ knight in shinning armor will be. Until then, may the speculation fly!