Extended Mafia II trailer released with dressings

We got a great look at Mafia II footage during the Spike Video Game Awards but now we’ll get an even better one. 2K Czech has released the full trailer along with some new insights into the impending Mafia “hit” (look, it’s fun with puns time). Tomas Hrebicek, Lead Animator at 2K Czech, plays the “snitch” in telling us all about the trailer above.

First off is that Mafia II is powered by a new engine built just for it and that this trailer is indeed in real-time. All of the scenes were created with their game editor and are not touched up in anyway. Granted, more work is still being done for polish, but we can already see that Mafia II is painting a compelling picture.

Compelling is also the theme for Mafia II‘s story and Hrebicek wants fans to be ready for a mature narrative focusing on interpersonal relationships, characterization and dark humor. The goal is to show gamers the appeal, pull and impossible-to-escape life of the mob as well as the camaraderie and dangers of pursuing the American dream.

The tale centers on Vito, the son of a poor immigrant. Being a petty crook his whole life leads the way for this Italian American and his childhood friend, Joe, into the world of organized crime. Soon they are working together to rise through the ranks while making a name for themselves in the dark circles.

Gameplay will be more free-roaming this time around having taken a cue from Grand Theft Auto, with a new vehicular exploration feature, and the new game engine is supposed to deliver a seamless move between environments without any load times. A heavy Hollywood mafia movie influence can be expected, with fierce hand-to-hand fighting, car-to-car gunfights and chases with serious gunplay all around.

Anyone looking for an immersive story, and of course fans of the original Mafia, should definitely keep tabs on this game. We’re already sporting our trench coats in anticipation. Well, that and it’s freakin freazing outside.