Move over ya Fatty boom boom

As if on cue, Atlus steps up to rebut Fat Princess by offering gamers another princess in another castle no less with Steal Princess for the DS. Instead of capture the flag, players will have over 150 3D puzzle/platformer stages for head scratching challenges.

The talented thief Anise has just escaped capture in the palace of the Ancient Demon King, which was thought to be abandoned. Her escape sends her into a raging river and unconsciousness. Luckily the same trap that spelled her fate also gave her salvation in the form of the fairy Kukri, who she unintentionally released from centuries of captivity. Kukri takes her to the King of Castle Albyon, who charges her with rescuing his son back at the Demon King’s palace–that or face prison for being a thief in the first place.

Sporting a whip that would make a Belmont proud, Anise sets off swinging, jumping, fighting and puzzling her way through each stage–indeed this is no princess that needs saving and probably doesn’t even like cake, hell she might even kick puppies. Repeat gameplay should be high because beating stages with better times or finding special gems can unlock items and earn better endings. Steal Princess also has a robust level editor to create custom brain busters, which can be shared via local wireless or all over America with the Wi-Fi Connection.

Steal Princess is set to release in North America March 24 at the MSRP of $34.99–not so much of a steal at that price.