New Shaun White DLC is better than old Shaun White DLC

Now this is more like it. The last Shaun White Snowboarding DLC was lackluster at best — a few costume changes and nothing more. The two new DLC packs, called “Mile High” and “Freebie,” bring a little bit more of the DLC support we’ve come to expect from Ubisoft and one of them is free. See if you can figure out which one on your own.

The “Mile High” pack will feature an entirely new mountain for the game called B.C. which has three new competitions and five new side quests. Along with this entirely new play area comes a plethora of new clothing options, which no one really cares about. The “Freebie” pack is packed full of new clothes and boards, which is far more acceptable when it’s free as opposed to the last DLC content which wasn’t, but had basically the same stuff in it. And there, I’ve given away which pack is the free one.