Seaman to creep you out on the DS?

Anyone remember Seaman? You know, the Dreamcast game that struck fear into the hearts of adults everywhere. The game enabled the player to control a fish-man with their voice, and direct him around and proceed to Honestly, I never played the game because I was too afraid to, but apparently enough of you did to warrant the return of the fish-man. On his blog, Seaman creator, Yoot Saito, announced that there is a Seaman game in development for the Nintendo DS.

Oh, and if you didn’t know, there was a Seaman 2 port designed for the iPhone. Apparently it has been done for quite sometime, and the reason for the delay seems to be on Apple’s hands. According to Saito, Apple has “expressed displeasure” with the unique gameplay. What does that really mean? The Apple guys are cowering in a corner, sobbing, and trying to block out the images of Seaman hovering over their beds. Any Seaman fans out there excited for this?