Street Fighter IV will teach you to fight

Everyone is excited for Street Fighter IV , but not everyone (*cough*me*cough*) has had recent experience with the fighter, either having never played the arcade classic or having grown rusty in the decade-long drought between releases.

Thankfully, the “Trial Mode” in Street Fighter IV is the most all-encompassing tutorial ever created. According to Capcom’s community manager and resident Street Fighter expert Seth Killian, “It begins with normal moves, then it goes on to specials, supers, ultras, two-in-one combos, chains into specials, links into specials and then finally, how to put it all together. We teach you what the pros refer to as ‘bread-and-butter’ combos, as well as focus cancel techniques that are useful to your particular character.”

Each character will have six levels of trials to conquer in the tutorial: the second and third levels will test newcomers, the fourth level will challenge fans familiar with the series and the last two trials will brutalize even the most skilled players. “It’s definitely challenging, but in my opinion its a rewarding challenge,” said Killian. “You’re not just beating your head against the wall, and if you can come out the other side, you’ll find that you’re really on the path to becoming great at the game.”

Even a Street Fighter-savant like Killian considers himself among “the bottom 10% of competitive players,” so anything he couldn’t conquer in less than 10 attempts was scrapped, but don’t expect a cakewalk. The tutorial “gets pretty damn hard,” but beating it will definitely give you a fighting chance against even the most seasoned Street Fighter veteran.

“Anyone who completes trial mode will be a legitimate threat in competition,” said Killian. “That is my promise.”