Let’s learn more about that afro dude from Final Fantasy XIII

Earlier in the week, we got a sneak peak of Sazh Katzroy, the newest playable character to join the cast of Final Fantasy XIII. Now, thanks to some intrepid translators over at finalfanasy-XIII.net, we have some more information on this intriguing, afro-studded character whose past may or may not include taking the Philadelphia Eagles to the NFC championship game in five of the last eight seasons.

According to the translations, which come from the January issue of V-Jump, Mr. Katzroy is “a middle-aged man with good judgment and moral discernment. He has a gentle personality and is easily moved to tears.” As for his battle skills, it looks like Sazh will be most effective wielding his dual pistols from a distance, which should balance well with Lightning’s close-range style.

And just as we suspected, that afro is as much about function as it is fashion: his pet chocobo uses it as a nest. Here’s hoping it leaves its droppings elsewhere.