Music in Games / Ladytron

Music in Games finally returns! We took a month off while everyone celebrated the holidays and while Reuben Wu of Ladytron got back from traveling the world. Evidently he’s the only gamer in the group, which, in our opinion is a sad state of affairs. Some of their newest music is showing up in Need for Speed: Undercover and upon his return Mr. Wu was kind enough to give us some answers to our pressing questions. Some really short answers, but interesting none the less.

We’ve got a copy of Need for Speed: Undercover and a few t-shirts and albums from Ladytron in our big box of stuff we’re giving away, so head over there to find out how to get more gaming crap than you will ever need. Or hit the jump to discover the gaming influences on Ladytron and whether or not they truly have the need — the need for speed.

Matthew Razak (TVGB): How did the group get its start?

Reuben Wu (RW): We formed in Liverpool in 1999 and released our first single in 2000.

TVGB: Are you fans of the new Need for Speed?

RW: Yeah it’s a good game – i like racing games.

TVGB: Any favorite racing games?

RW: F-Zero, WipeOut, Pole Position, Outrun

TVGB: What does it mean for you to have your music featured in the game?

RW: I think it’s great – we’d like to get more involved in the future. Work on exclusive stuff and soundtracks.

TVGB: How do you see music and gaming coming together?

RW: Right now one and the same. For people like us we were brought up on videogames — it’s part of our lifestyle and tastes.

TVGB: Do you think a certain style of music lends itself well to gaming? Do you think your music does?

RW: Not particularly — there are so many different types. For instance, “Fighting in Built up Areas” is perfect for Need For Speed. For role-playing games or adventure games you’d want something completely different, “Last One Standing” or “Season of Illusions” for example.

TVGB: Any of your songs inspired by gaming tunes?

RW: An old song called “Commodore Rock!”

TVGB: Why do you make music?

RW: I don’t know.

TVGB: What are you working on now?

RW: We are working with Christina Aguilera on some tracks for her new record. Very excited about this for this year.

TVGB: Has working with a publisher that puts your music into as many mediums as possibly made you change your outlook on how you make music?

RW: Not really — we try not to let these things affect the way we make music — it has to be totally natural and free from ‘industry’ factors, but we welcome it — very happy to have our music on gaming soundtracks.

TVGB: Do you feel the need? The need for speed?

Velocifero is the name of our latest album…bringer of speed!