Taco assault leads to jail after Xbox dispute

A 19 year old man from Deltona, FL has landed himself in jail after assaulting his mother with a taco over a dispute involving her unplugging his Xbox after many requests to come to dinner. After the unplugging incident the man came to the kitchen where the mother was cleaning. She then shoved him for being in her way, at which point the man smacked her left arm, called her a “retard” and then smashed a taco in her face.

The beauty of a story like this, is that nothing needs to be done to make it funny. No spin. No, anything. It’s completely ridiculous all on its own. And you can’t make stuff like this up. But the unfortunate side effect of this story is that it becomes more ammunition for anti-gaming camps that think games negatively affect people. While it’s absurd to any rational person, some people truly believe games are bad. So after you laugh at the sheer comedy of a taco assault, remember that people like this make normal gamers like us look really really bad.