YouTube on PS3 and Wii goes beta

How often have you said to yourself, “Well, I’m having a good amount of fun playing MGS4, but I’d be having a great time if I could also watch a skateboarder faceplant on the same screen?” Well, for those of you who have been surfing the net on your Wiis and PS3s, YouTube has some good news. According to, YouTube has released a beta version of their console friendly viewer, called YouTube for Television.

Previously, navigating YouTube — which, save for TVGB, is the best site in the universe — on a console had been difficult at best. The new beta version streamlines the process, making it easier to use without a keyboard. You can watch a video demonstration above. Note the enlarged text and simplified navigation. Also note how quickly the video loads.

Only PS3 and Wii users can access the site at Sorry, 360 fans. We need to get Microsoft to put a web browser on its system or simply be content missing the newest video of Sarah Palin failing. Believe me, we haven’t seen the end of her.