Chinese gamers will need to provide their ID when playing

Oh China, how everything about your culture is exciting, except any of it that revolves around videogames. In an effort to combat addiction to videogames, the Chinese government will now require players to provide their government ID numbers starting this year.

As reported by IncGamers, players will still be able to use their screen names or in-game names, however they will be tied to their ID numbers. The move is moreover designed to track how many hours an individual is playing. For example, a minor is only able to play three hours and after that “the system will prevent the gamer from getting experience, good, drops or whatever the regular gamer gets in a game,” said one Chinese player.

According to players, the system has its faults as one player could easily play a game for three hours and switch to another. Addiction has reportedly been a huge concern in China and while no one condones skipping class to play videogames, sometimes you have to get a few minutes in even though the dude who runs the LAN centers thinks you need to go back to class. But who does he think he’s talking to? I pay him to put hours into my account, not to tell me to do the right thing.