Pre-order Guitar Hero: Metallica, bonus foot pedal get

We’ve given you release dates. We’ve shown you a trailer. Heck, we’ve even revealed a partial track list. And now, we’re extremely excited to announce that our news-mongering has finally paid off: you are currently reading a story on Guitar Hero: Metallica presents That VideoGame Blog fueled by Dew, or as our fanboys and girls will no doubt refer to us, GHMPTVGBFBD. Just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? Let the contractually obligated corporate shill … er … promoting begin!

According to GameStop’s official Web site, pre-ordering Guitar Hero: Metallica will net you a bonus foot pedal for use in the game’s new “Expert+” mode, which includes support for double-bass drumming. The new foot pedal comes with a splitter that enables simultaneous use with your current Guitar Hero World Tour drum kit. Pre-orders ship March 29, 2009. That old lady in the apartment below you can’t wait.