Capcom vs. SNK 3 a possibility

Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono is not ruling out the possibility of Capcom vs. SNK 3. According to weblog minnows Kotaku (translated from an interview with French site jeuxacto), Ono is willing to listen to suggestions regarding a new entry to the series.

“When I was doing interview for Onimusha, another title I produced, journalists would always ask me if Capcom was going to develop Street Fighter IV. This caused us to think that this was the right moment, and we began production. I think this sort of thing could happen again with Capcom vs. SNK — especially if enough people wish for the series’ return,” said Ono.

You know what this is don’t you? No, it’s not an affable shrug off from a man who didn’t want to say “no,” it’s a call to arms, my friends! Buy yourself a trilby hat, slip a bit of paper that says “Press” into the band and get yourselves around Ono’s house! Do it now!! Unless, y’know, you’re not as excited by this as I am. In which case don’t bother. Now how much is a flight to Japan?