Hey, you got your “old” Conduit in my “new” Conduit!

The Conduit. It’s a title that causes hearts of Wii owners to beat just a little bit faster. Not because it’s a sequel to a world-renowned title, but rather because it is one of the very few shining examples of what can be done on the Wii when developers put a little time (and money) behind a quality idea. Undoubtedly the #1 thing most gamers will say about the game is that it looks amazing for a Wii title. This, while true, was not always the case. The folks over at Gametrailers have posted a very insightful “Improvement Video” of what the game looked like in the early stages of its development and what it looks like now, and boy is there a difference. If the developers were of a lesser breed, they may have released the game when it still looked like the “early development” shots, but no, they ground The Conduit down, polished it up, and are set to present it as one of the marquee titles on the system. Bravo.