Mini Ninjas has a name that doesn’t lie

Eidos snuck out at the wee crack of dawn today to pull the cloak off a brand new IP from IO Interactive, Mini Ninjas, due out this Fall for Wii, DS, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. From what I can gather, looking at the trailer and screenshots, there are ninjas, some evil things that Bruce Lee was afraid of and a panda is involved somehow. It’s a known fact that pandas sell games and breakfast cereals, movies, real estate and Victoria’s Secret underwear.

While it’s all well and good thinking about pandas in bustiers, I’m not sure what this game is about (if you said ninjas that are mini, you’re clever). If you squint real hard, I think there’s some gameplay in the pictures. Is it a platformer? Action-RPG? Co-op beat-em-up? Dating sim? I have no idea, but my mind is still stuck on a panda wearing fishnets. Honestly, be thankful you’re not me.