PC gaming is fine, says BioWare

Just when it seemed like 2008 was the year that developers and organization heads were supposed to come out and attack or defend PC gaming, BioWare pops up and lets us know there’s still room in 2009 to talk about the platform. This time, we find BioWare CEO Ray Muzyka refuting claims that the platform is on a decline.

“I think there are more people playing PC games and more dollars being spent on the PC space than ever before, but it’s taking a different form,” Muzyka told CVG, making it clear that he is completely aware of the changing PC environment and realizes it’s the developer’s task to adapt to those changes.

“MMOs are one way that’s occurring… And there are more people playing flash-based games and casual games, even core games that are played in a casual way, so maybe [they have] a more core experience and you only play them for short bursts or for half an hour or something,” Muzyka said. And if there’s anything to prove that Muzyka believes what he says, The Old Republic currently being developed by BioWare’s Austin studio is sure to be the first piece of evidence that BioWare is adapting by trying to take a piece of the MMO pie. A pie that Blizzard has already eaten plenty of. Perhaps with some kind words, Blizzard will share some of that pie.