Rumor / Mass Effect sequels coming to PS3

The past couple weeks have been littered (well, kind of) with Mass Effect news. First we learned a lecture on the level design of Mass Effect 2 will be held at GDC ’09, then GameStop has a special 2-disc edition of Mass Effect listed with a release date of Feb. 10. The latest bit of news comes from Second Story Gamer who revives the ol’ ‘Mass Effect series PS3 bound’ rumor by claiming that a source close to EA has given the site an inside tip on the multiplatform releases of Mass Effect 2 and 3.

The source says that EA has decided to make the remaining games in the Mass Effect trilogy available for the PS3 in addition to the Xbox 360 and PC. The current state of the economy is cited as the main reason they’re looking to make the games available to as many consumers as possible. A port of the original Mass Effect is also said to be available in mid-2009, the announcement for which will apparently happen at this year’s GDC (March 23-27).

As far as rumors go, we hope this one can be one of the first big announcements of 2009, as everyone with a console powerful enough simply should be able to experience the Mass Effect universe.