The Behemoth ‘prototype’ new game

The Behemoth, creators of Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid, has confirmed it is currently at work on a new game. Dan Paladin, The Behemoth’s artist, has written in his blog that the team are currently “prototyping” the title. Real details are thin on the ground at the moment, with Paladin merely stating that the game “has proven to be a lot of fun for the people we’ve shown.”

Paladin teased further information, saying, “Perhaps we can start posting imagery later on and begin a guessing game about the game. It’s like two games in one! Maybe we’ll just flat out tell you, though, and ruin the guessing game.” So not much to go on, so far. However, anything with Paladin’s awesome art style gets a thumbs up from us.

Also, if you’re bored at work today, why now check out the original Alien Hominid flash game. I hadn’t played it until about 10 minutes ago. S’fun. If there are no more updates on TVGB today, you know why.