Play Street Fighter on YouTube

As if a stop-motion version of Street Fighter wasn’t brilliant in its own right, you can actually control what’s happening in this pseudo game by Patrick Boivin. In his interactive animation YouTube Street Fighter, you play as flattop aficionado Guile, squaring off against your choice of three familiar, ferocious opponents. Select either Zangief, Dhalsim or E. Honda and you will be shown the battle arena and four attack options – A, B, X, or Y. If you’re quick to click, a new window will open showing your successful move, but wait too long and you will be treated to a brutal beatdown.

This labor of love is also a technical marvel, featuring an impressive amount of posing and filming to capture all the different combos – there are 100 YouTube videos devoted to this game, a further testament to the ingenuity and creativity of the interwebs. Where else could you find Boba Fett perfoming the triumphant dance routine from Flashdance? That’s a rhetorical question, by the way, so you can stop putting on the costume.