A look into the abyss

The recent re-release of Chrono Trigger on the DS and a resurgence of classic RPG goodness like Secret of Mana on the Virtual Console have left the more nostalgic RPG gamers hungry for more. While Sonic Powered’s new hack `n slash RPG, From the Abyss, is something new, it certainly looks like it fits right in.

Its a classic, or a rather basic story depending on how you look at it. Players take the role of the hero/adventurer and quest to save villages from the demons pouring out of the abyss. Quests will be given by the local princess, of course, and players will be able to wield axes, swords, spears, bows, staffs and magic. Over 45 special skills, like Dominator or Kiss of Bow, can be earned by stealing enemies’ souls.

Character stats will be determined by a series of “situation questions” at the beginning of the game. Depending on how players answer their stat points for Attack, Defense, Intelligence, Mental, Agility and Luck. This will replace any class selections and instead the player will only choose their character and fighting style.

From the Abyss features a full 2-player co-op mode, so friends can wirelessly connect to take on the vile Demon Lord. Each abyss in this dungeon crawler is randomly generated and consists of four levels. Players are encouraged to re-explore to gain new items, abilities and experience with or without their friends.

More screenshots and information can be found at the official website, which just launched. There fans can also find exclusive “goodies” like wallpapers and avatars from the game. From the Abyss is scheduled for release 1Q of 2009.