Dragonball: Evolution confirmed for PSP

Alright, so maybe Gamefly was right on this one. IGN has a press release confirming that Namco Bandai and Twentieth Century Fox Licensing & Merchandising will be releasing the movie-turned-game Dragonball: Evolution on the PSP in April of 2009.

Dragonball: Evolution will be a straight fighting game as we play as Goku in story mode. Details are scarce at the moment but we do know it’s based on the film and that defeating Piccolo is the main goal of the story. In addition to story mode, Dragonball: Evolution will also feature arcade, training and mission modes. We can also duke it out online with friends through network battle mode.

We can pretty much guess how the gameplay will pan out. Standard attacks will build a meter that will ultimately gives us the ability to unleash a superpowerful Ki attack. Let us not throw this game under the bus because Namco Bandai are the masterminds behind it and they know how to make a good fighting game.