How to confirm that the Wii is still the best selling console

We all know that it is a scientifically proven fact that eBay is the perfect way to track market trends. Any economist can tell you that when things are desired the prices go way up on eBay and when they aren’t desired they hover around the actual price range. Simple economy, and a great way to judge which videogame systems are in hot demand. However, previously there was no easy and cool looking graph to keep track of how well systems are selling. Now has solved that pesky issue with their new videogames index which tracks and compares consoles in terms of total items sold, total sales, and average selling price on eBay.

Of course we all know the Wii is dominating the Wii/PS3/360 comparison charts and the DS and PSP are duking it out on the PSP/DS chart, but what’s really cool is that they have a Dreamcast/PS2/Xbox/GC chart. Sadly everyone’s beloved Dreamcast seems to be running in last place in total revenue, expect for an odd spike that happened on Jan. 13. I’m just wondering why people are still paying almost $100 too much for a Wii. I mean it’s hard to find, but paying more for one than a PS3 just makes no sense at all, especially after the holidays. If you’re desperately interested in such things as these, the site updates daily so your curiosity can be quenched.