Atlus is bringing the PSP some Class

Following their success with Etrian Odyssey I & II, and the hopefully continued success with The Dark Spire, on the DS, Atlus is looking to school the PSP in the 3D/first-person/dungeon crawler/RPG genre with Class of Heroes.

Class of Heroes is another classic style dungeon crawler like the previously mentioned handheld titles with over 80 hours of gameplay. Ages ago mysterious labyrinths appeared crisscrossing the world and now schools have even been created to train people to be adventurers to seek out the riches found within them. Here players take the role of students at the newly founded Particus Academy. Other schools are presented, each with its own personality in students, giving the whole thing a little bit of a Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire vibe.

Players can choose between 10 races, 2 genders (sorry Rocky Horror fans), 3 alignments and 15 majors bringing possible character choices to over 500. That’s 40,000 hours or 1,666.666 days of playtime proving that Heroes is one devil (ha!) of a dungeon crawler. There is also a rather large alchemy system, with over 1,300 item types. Players collect items to synthesize new items or to customize weapons.

With an ever changing labyrinth filled with puzzles, traps, monsters and treasure and spanning upwards of 75 maps, this game could certainly fill this niche genre’s need for the PSP lover. Or this could be just a little too old school and no one will play it, but we’ll find out when it releases April, 7 for $39.99.