Capcom signs development deal with Monumental Games

Capcom announced today that they just entered into an agreement to develop a game with Monumental Games, which is based in the UK. If you aren’t sure who Monumental Games is, they are the company that brought us all Football Superstars, a soccer MMO. So far, and judging from their website, they work solely on developing online, multiplayer games using their in-house engine. Thus, since no word on what the game they are developing with Capcom will be has shown up other than it being multiplatform, we can only guess that they are working on an MMO of Mega Man. There, I said it: Mega Man MMO confirmed.

Monumental’s website says that they can’t reveal the franchise they’re working on yet, which basically backs up the Mega Man theory completely: they’re working on a franchise and Mega Man is the only one all of us have gone to sleep dreaming about as an MMO; cuddled up with our Mega Man plush, cursing Dr. Wiley’s name as we steadily fall asleep hoping that some day the blue bomber will sweep us up in his arms and… where was I? Oh, yes. Well actually, it probably isn’t an MMO given the sites description of a game having a substantial online component, but being mostly about adrenaline. We won’t have to wait long for Mega Man: Rise of the Robots (which is what I’m sure they’ll call the game) as this new “mystery” game is scheduled for release this year.