Street Fighter IV story trailer weaves tale of ass-kickery, face-punchery

“All of mankind holds a power within. The power of life. This force is fragile, but eternal. Life begets more life, and the cycle continues. This force, this power, is what drives it all. But what is power?”

Pretty heady stuff for a game which imagines skintight leotards as the standard-issue uniform for members of an elite British paramilitary force. Before you flood the comments, I know the Street Fighter series actually has one of the better “plots” for a beat ’em up, but I also know that the answer to any and all philosophical questions posed in this bare-knuckle brawler will be best answered via fisticuffs, as evidenced in the new story trailer.

The word “story” is being used loosely, as this is really more of a quote-laden, fight-enriched feast for the eyes and ears, depending on how much you like the newly-added English voice acting. Street Fighter IV will feature both English and Japanese tracks, even allowing players the choice of which character speaks which language, so you could have a Japanese-speaking Ryu squaring off against an English-speaking Ken. Of course, the language of awesome is universal, and this game is clearly fluent.