The House of the Dead Overkill Big Bang Box infecting Australia

Our friends from down under will soon be getting a super cool The House of the Dead Overkill bundle from JB HI FI. For $89 (AUD) we get a collector’s sleeve for the game, a graphic novel called Prelude to an Overkill and two replica hand cannons used by the main character in the game. The guns apparently makes us feel like we’re actually firing a real gun. That’s exactly what the Wii needs! The game will be released on the online store on February 19, 2009. Why does Australia get two guns when the rest of us have to settle for just the comic book? Huh?

House of the Dead Overkill is a prequel to the original game and takes place in Louisiana. We’re investigating the disappearance of people in a small town whom have probably been turned into zombies. Overkill brings co-op play and a new slow motion ability to the Wii.

Thanks to Dom for the tip!