Will Health Energy Potion taste like basement?

I believe that our very own Dennis Lesica summed it up best when he tried Mana Energy Potion, an energy drink geared towards gamers, and quickly proclaimed that it “was like drinking an attic.” This prompts us to wonder which room of the house Health Energy Potion, the next energy drink from the Mana Energy Drink producers, is going to taste like. The drink is a healthier version of Mana Energy Potion, with herbs and wondrous magic that will keep you awake in place of the copious amounts of sugar found in other, less gamer oriented drinks of the same ilk.

The drink supposedly has a mellow apple-cinnamon flavor, but we all know whatever the tiny shot of liquid energy tastes like it will be anything but mellow. Especially with elderberry being an ingredient. I’m not sure why anyone would brag about elderberries being in their drink since the first thing that comes to mind for any self respecting nerd when elderberries are mentioned is a certain French knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. We’ll be sure to tie Dennis down and force feed him this new drink so that he can once again inform you of its wonderful taste.