Original Indiana Jones adventure coming to Wii this spring

Dr. Jones is coming back to America’s favorite console this spring, and while it’s not that LEGO title you were hoping for, it looks promising nonetheless. According to IGN, Indy fans should not get their hopes up about PS3 and Xbox360 versions of Jones’ archaeological adventures. However, this brand new adventure, Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings will be released on Wii, Nintendo DS, and Sony’s PSP.

The above trailer for the Wii version highlights the locales Indy will romp through on his way to discovering something extraordinary that hopefully has little to do with extraterrestrials. The trailer starts as Indy is getting owned in a bar fight, then suddenly he’s running for his life from a flood, then he’s in the jungle, where he uses his whip to heroically swing through the air and kick a bad guy in the gut. Now he’s in the temple and the artifact he covets is mere feet away, but the temple is collapsing! Indy sprints, grabs his prize, and dives for the exit. Unfortunately, all he finds are more bad guys, and this time they’re shooting at him. Indy does a quick 180 and finds a ladder to climb to the surface. There, he finally admires the golden treasure until OMG A GIANT ELEPHANT takes it from him! The trailer closes with more bad guys and highlights the Spring 2009 Wii release.

Sounds exciting, right? I was impressed how the Jumper-style trailer showed off a lot of environments in as little time as possible without chopping from one scene to the next like most movie trailers. The whole thing flowed very nicely.