de Blob getting sequel thanks to strong sales

With Nintendo’s girl-centric system the designated dumping ground for sequels to IP’s that should never have been – Petz Catz 2, Petz Horsez 2, Petz Dogz 2, etc. – it’s refreshing to see an original, albeit adorable title like De Blob getting some sequel love. Of course, it helps that De Blob sold almost a quarter million copies in its debut month.

What began as a school project by some game design students from the Netherlands, in the hands of third-party publisher THQ and developer Blue Tongue Entertainment, became one of the best games on the standout-deprived system. According to software sales data released to IGN by the NPD Group, the strangely stylish title moved enough copies to keep the series going. Though it sold only a modest 230,000 copies in its first month, it still bested Nintendo’s own Wario Land: Shake It!, released on the same day, which managed a meager 150,000 copies.

“We’re please with De Blob’s performance worldwide,” said a rep for THQ. “It’s a great intellectual property and you can tell your readers to expect to see more of de Blob in the future.”