Tear up the Alps, or just blow them up

Team6 Game Studios, previously known for their many PC racing titles and the breasticle loving Sunshine Beach Volleyball, has added the Wii into their development repertoire. No release date has been given, but the first announced game in development is Glacier2, sequel to their 2005 PC down slope combat racer.

This sequel is being designed to take full advantage of the Wii and Wiimote control. The race starts at the top of the Alps and will feature 18 levels complete with traps, cliffs, mines, falling rocks, ice, canyons, spectacular jumps and, of course, the other racers. Players can choose from 7 “super rides,” each with their own attributes and are decked out with chainguns, rockets, mines and more to take out the other racers.

We’re eager to see how this plays out and hoping for an excellent cross between Excite Truck and Twisted Metal, but that might be asking just a bit too much.