Wonder Boy in Monsterland available on virtual console

I can’t put into words the warm fuzzies rekindled by the virtual console release of Wonder Boy in Monster Land, which originally appeared on the Sega Master System in 1987.

I remember my sister and I would play this for days on end, leaving the game paused overnight with the case hiding the tell-tale glow of the power button. The lack of a save feature prompted many (fondly-remembered) late night gaming sessions, but also a lot of misdirected, unbridled rage. In fact, now would be a good time to apologize, Lauren, for threatening to kill you when you walked in front of the television. Sorry. But seriously, didn’t you see I was skateboarding straight toward a snake, you stupid b*tch? Oops! Sorry again!

A drastic departure from the original, Wonder Boy in Monster Land trades the prehistoric setting for a medieval one, arming your titular hero with a sword and shield after a couple of levels fighting monsters in your underwear. For just $5 (500 Wii Points), this is the best way to relive your youth until they work the bugs out of that whole time travel thing.