New FFXIII trailer shows off gameplay but no black dude

If you head over to the Japanese Final Fantasy XIII site you’ll be greeted with not only a ridiculously well done website but also enough words in English to be able to understand that there is a new FFXIII trailer there that you can watch. Once having watched said trailer you will be excited because it shows off some of the gameplay and also it’s a trailer for a Final Fantasy game and if you’re a gamer than you get excited for that.

There’s no way to tell exactly what is going on (unless you speak Japanese) but it looks decidedly epic and terribly Japanese, two things that we all know make a Final Fantasy good. I actually just finished the revamped FFIV on my DS and it’s really interesting to see how far this series has come not only in gameplay, but in style too. This is especially impressive when you consider the only other RPG as big as FF, Dragon Quest, has stayed famous for the exact opposite reasons. Sadly we do not get a peak at everyone’s new favorite character Sazh Katzroy.