New Mario & Luigi RPG 3 trailer rocks the house right

Now coming out and saying that Mario & Luigi is the greatest RPG series ever is just plain ridiculous. For starters the game is no where near as in depth as plenty of other RPGs, the stories are fun but trite and the battle system is simple. This all being said, Mario & Luigi is the greatest RPG series ever made and the new trailer for the third game is doing nothing to dispute that fact.

Not only does it appear that the game will once again change around the format for the play style, with the player controlling Bowser while Mario and Luigi are stuck in his stomach on the top screen and Mario and Luigi on the bottom, but it also looks graphically impressive with some seriously smooth looking sprites and attacks. Raise your hand if you thought the new home for RPGs was going to be the Nintendo DS.

As a side note, what is with news being in Japanese today?