NYCC grows bigger in the games department, we’ll be there

There is no corner of the earth safe from videogames. They not only show up at the plethora of gaming conventions across the country every year, but they also jump into technology conventions, movie conventions and even comic book conventions. In fact the New York Comic Con, taking place Feb. 6-8 in New York City, has just announced that the gaming portion of the show has increased by 50 percent since last year. That makes it the largest growth in any section of the convention from year to year, though one wonders how a comic book convention could really grow in comic book representation.

With companies such as Atari, SEGA, Codemasters and SouthPeak all showing off their games at the con TVGB will of course be attending and bringing you all the greatest news from the second biggest comic convention of the year. So far no big announcements for the con have leaked, but we’re guessing that we’ll be privvy to some pretty interesting stuff, especially since Activision is throwing a little party the night before and having an entire panel on Prototype. Tune in next week, it’s going to be sweet.