Overkill was not actually made in the 70’s, here is proof

So you thought all that grainy footage and Grindhouse-style looks meant that SEGA’s new House of the Dead: Overkill was actually from 1975. Well that was just kind of dumb, cause videogames didn’t even exist back then, and the one’s that did didn’t look like this. In case you need more convincing though, we have documentary footage of the making of the game above and below. See, British people made it, and we all know that British people weren’t alive in 1975. It’s a scientific fact.

These British folk seem to be really into shooting zombies, and who can blame them, shooting zombies is possibly the second best thing on earth next to shooting zombie dogs. It’s nice to see so much attention going into what is basically a genre that was designed to make people pump more and more quarters into an arcade machine. Despite recent rumors that the game is not so good I’m holding out as everything I’ve seen so far has basically told me that this will be one of my favorite games of the year — even if it is simply because it’s so bad that it’s good.