Section 8 is full of armored soldiers with flashbacks

So this is one of the first looks were getting at SouthPeak’s upcoming science fiction FPS Section 8 and since there is no gameplay we’ll have to judge from the cinematic sequence above how good or bad it’s going to be. I’ll give it a 4 on the originality scale; heavily armored soldiers dropping out of ships while our lead character has personal flashbacks aren’t exactly that new to the genre. Neither are invisible shields, guns so big they have to be compensating for at least five guys, slo-mo shooting or the closing line for that matter. Have to wonder what the hook is going to be for this sucker.

The press release gives some hints in the form of a letter from Grand Marshall William Mulcahy, Commander – Task Force 33, who says that all troops of Section 8, an elite military force sent in as the front runners in a war against a group called the “Arm of Orion,” will be well armed with weapons and vehicles. In fact if a vehicle is needed troops will be able to call one in via air drop of some sort, so that could be interesting. The letter also mentions squad tactics and character customization, hinting that weapon and armor selection will play a role in each level.

We’ll be getting a bit of a peak at the game during NYCC so more to come soon.