Five PopCap titles coming to PSN

We know the whole casual gaming craze has got you down in the dumps. These games are everywhere trying to horde in on the hardcore and destroy gaming forever. But let’s not forget that there are some fantastic casual games out there, and it so happens that PopCap Games makes a whole bunch of them. Well now five of those casual game experiences will be coming to the PSN, with Bejewled 2 already being out now in North America and to be released soon in Europe. It will be followed by Zuma, Heavy Weapon, Peggle, and Feeding Frenzy.

All the games will run players $9.99 and it seems that PopCap will most likely be moving even more games into the PSN arena. Bejeweled 2 on PSN will feature both trophy support and PSP remote play, which has sexy puzzle solving time written all over it. So how about it? Any reformed Bejewled addicts falling off the wagon today?